Saturday, October 10, 2009

Catch Ups

Its been one of those days, or weeks, maybe even a few, should I say. My garden hasn't been receiving as much attention as it should and the blog even less so, nonetheless.. I am still here.

It is very naughty of me, I should have informed, and thanked, you all sooner for the wonderful advice which has saved my garden!

I am happy to report I am aphid free! Thanks Alexa =) The spider mites meanwhile, have not faced extinction but their numbers have dwindled enough that I can cope. And Daphne, that is some magic potion you gave me the recipe to! There are still bits of mold here and there but nowhere and I mean NOWHERE near what it was before! My tomatoes actually look healthy again! You can't believe how excited I was when things started turning around, I never imagined your compost spray could have worked such miracles. Thank you so very much.

In other news, my zucchini has opened its first flower! What a proud mama I am. Of course there's just the lone male flower at this point but my is he handsome.

And though I didn't take any pictures, both my bean plants have, well, beans! They're getting quite big now, the beans that is... the plants are so small I am in awe that they have fruited at all! so I'll be looking forward to tasting them soon. Funnily enough the seedling I haven't re-potted that is still sitting on my kitchen window is the healthier of the two... it may have to do with the other plant being hidden behind the jungle that are my tomatoes.

See, don't they look healthy?!

While we're on the subject, my beloved kitchen bean plant who I've dubbed Mr. Bean (yes, I do occasionally talk to my plants. Don't pretend you don't coz I KNOW you do too!) was severly injured in a horrendous collision with an opening window. It left us all traumatized.. possibily My Husband the worst so, having to deal with a hysterical wife sobbing and demanding how he could possibly have not seen poor Mr. Bean! Oh the horror! His fragile little stem snapped in half... *shakes her head* The stem, while snapped, had not come apart so there he is to this day propped up against the window pane in the hope that he will survive. So far so good, it seems as if everything vital is still connected but if he is moved at all, Mr. Bean keels over, beans and all, drooping sadly over his stem.

Fortunately, his is the only sad story I have to report, all else is well.
The strawberries in particular have recovered nicely after their aphid infestation. They look much healthier and I am much happier. I have also continued with my spring planting, sowing seeds for carrots, beetroot, spinach, eggplant and capsicum around the place. Surprisingly there are still odd bits of leaves mottled suspiciouly red. A reminder of the dust storm.


  1. Poor Mr. Bean. Perhaps you should have chosen a less accident-prone name?? :) The season looks wonderful so far!

  2. rofl.. you're right Wendy, it was probably fated ;)

  3. Yap they do look healthy. And congrats you got rid of aphids. happy gardening.

  4. Hey, where are you, no activity for a long time :)