Saturday, September 5, 2009

Spring Planting - part 2

RL commitments have been prioritising my time of late but I did get a chance to catch up somewhat on the balcony yesterday. I've planted out some more seedlings, namely zucchini, spinach, basil, thyme and camomile. The zucchinis are a nice size but otherwise all the seedlings were quite small. I'm hoping they'll take.

This is one of my zucchinis (I've planted two) which is about 3 weeks old now with.. buds already?

My plantings from a week ago are doing well. The tomato plant in particular is looking much happier. Its even sporting flowers now! I think it was just crying to be put outside.

The broccoli and cauliflowers are slowly being pulled as they are harvested.. but in keeping with progression (making way for the zuke) I have finally pulled the broccolini! The stems are in different stages of drying out so before I attempt the get any seeds I thought they might need more time to dry. I don't know how accurate this technique is, any experienced gardener would probably laugh, but I thought I'd hang up the stems like you would drying a bouquet of flowers. I'll keep you posted if I get anything out of all this fuss =P

So with weather already annoucing spring in full swing I'm slowly catching up. My cactus prepared a little better than I, its wearing its spring crown already.


  1. Your zucch's will get male flowers first before you see any female ones. You can tell the female flowers because they will have a little baby bulge at the base of the flower. You may need to hand-pollinate if you don't get many bees up on your balcony.

  2. Thanks Alexa! I think I may have to hand-pollinate too. My last zucchini plants died before (well I only had 1 female flower) they set so I'm crossing my fingers I shall have more success this time round.

  3. I love it when cactus bloom. Spring sounds so nice right now. But we have an extended fall here in Southern California.