Saturday, August 1, 2009

Sunny Saturday

Now that the intro is done we can get into the thick of things ;) I thought I'd highlight what's going on in my garden today.

For me, the most exciting accomplishment to date, are my tomato plants! Reflecting for the most part my lack of knowledge of such things, they have far exceeded my expectations in size and productivity (with a special commendation to one of my pearly pinks, which is at least double the size of the others!). When I planted them, I was trying to get a head start, thinking they could grow before they bloomed (or not) in spring/summer. Here we are in the middle of winter and I counted 20 baby tomatoes last week! The branches are full of blooms and buds and... tomatoes =)

These were my first tomatoes to come through (on my star PP plant) and in the last week or 2 of warmer weather have lightened in colour considerably.

The other variety I have (tommy toe) are rounder in shape and darker. They look to me like tiny apples =P

Another thing growing well are my snow peas. I've harvested a few already from one plant, now all 3 are blooming. I'm really glad I grew these, they've grown and produced so quickly and with such little fuss, I think they're the perfect beginner's plant. The only thing I stuffed up on is not anticipating how high they would grow and thinking they might be wider and bushier. They have run out of stake but don't seem to mind too much, the vines are grabbing hold of anything in reach.

I've sown alpine strawberries which are taking their time to grow, but seem to have enjoyed the recent warm weather. They are all about the same size and look healthy to my eyes. I am really hoping they do well and I get to sample strawberries this summer. I have dreams of making strawberry sorbet and smothering them in chocolate! mmm... the dream is a long way off but I'm encouraging them with lots of love.

My first broccoli head is soon to be harvested. I hope I haven't left it too late, the florets are a lot looser then when I last looked and its pretty big for a dwarf... or so I assume. After waiting what seemed an eternity for something to appear, the head grew quite quickly.

Another broccoli head coming through.

From broccoli to broccolini. That was one of the first things I harvested in my garden. I haven't been able to find much information on growing broccolini, I've just been assuming its similar to broccoli and using my best judgment. I had read somewhere it is a perennial but in the last few weeks its bolted so rapidly (luckily there were only side shoots left) that I've just given up on it and intend to pull it out to make way for something else. I've left it for the moment in the hopes of getting some seeds from it. Realistically though, I know even less about seed collecting than I do about gardening, no idea how I'll tackle this one. At least the flowers are pretty. They have a delicate perfume and add some colour to the balcony. Unfortunately, they are also colouring the house as I trapse them in from outside.

I will leave you with a pretty picture. While I had the camera out I took a couple of pictures of my indoor daisy. I am partial to purple and pink and I am love with my little plant. Its colouring is just divine and I love the stripes on the petals. I thought it pretty enough to don my blog heading where you can see my noob photography skills trying to capture its shadow.


  1. Those look like roi de carouby snowpeas ... I grew them for the first time this year and found exactly the same thing you did, I was surprised at how tall they grew. Mine were in a pot with a teepee-shaped metal support, but they quickly grew through it and the wind really tore them up. I'm trying some "bush type" snowpeas (Oregon) in another pot, I'm interested to see if they're really that much bushier.

    Oh and keep an eye on your broccoli, you should soon get lots of little side-shoots once you harvest the main head.

  2. I didn't have a name for the snow peas, so its nice to know what type they are! Thanks Alexa =) I actually have Oregon Sugar seeds which I haven't planted yet, I will be interested to see how yours grow.

  3. Hello,
    I am in-love with your header. Super!
    Thanks for stopping by my blog. I always love seeing what you Aussies are doing down under. With our opposite climates, it's always fun to think about you sowing seeds in spring while I clean up the garden and get it closed down for winter. Hope you have success with all your baby plants!